Vivobarefoot leaps forward with advanced imagery

Founded in 1997, Vivobarefoot is an innovative British shoe brand which prides itself on creating wide, flexible and thin-soled shoes that allow feet to perform naturally.

In order to bring its patented Pure Barefoot Technology campaigns and concepts to life online, Vivobarefoot has partnered with imaging and workflow specialist SpinMe since 2015 to create high-quality digital content that present its shoes in an arresting, intuitive and intelligent way.

Capturing customer attention

Using advanced studio workflow solutions, the team at SpinMe’s Imaging House produces a variety of creative photography, video and animations for Vivobarefoot. For example, a virtual catwalk was employed to create close-up action videos of models for its website and social media channels. These enable viewers to thoroughly examine how the shoes look and move on a model. A Facebook post featuring one of these videos - ‘Your feet are a great piece of kit’ - has received almost 7,000 views, and an incredible 35k+ views on Vivobarefoot’s YouTube channel.

“We are passionate about our shoes and want to get across to customers just how good the products are from a technical and aesthetic perspective,” said Asher Clark, Creative Director at Vivobarefoot.

Increasing pre-purchase confidence

Many of Vivobarefoot’s shoes are made from bio-based sustainable materials, which customers may be unfamiliar with. Technological advances by SpinMe’s research and development team enable the production of stunning high-resolution shots that give shoppers as much valuable and in-depth information as possible about each item.

“Vivobarefoot understands the power of visual content both to inspire shoppers and provide the practical information they require,” said David Brint, CEO at SpinMe. “By using the latest imaging techniques to showcase its products through a range of rich media, Vivobarefoot is moving ahead of many of its competitors.”

The results

Through its collaboration with SpinMe, Vivobarefoot has been able to create a portfolio of rich media that reflects the brand’s ethos and drives customer acquisition.

vivo 2.jpg
“The visually inspiring creative assets we produce with SpinMe are core components of our marketing and sales strategies. It’s about establishing trust in the brand”
— Asher Clark, Creative Director at Vivobarefoot