Castore Sportswear 

Castore was founded by brothers Tom and Phil Beahon in late 2015. Both came from professional sporting backgrounds and their passion for performance enhancement and providing a competitive advantage, underpins everything that the Castore brand represents. For a long time, both as athletes and as sportswear customers, the brothers had been frustrated at the lack of high-quality sportswear available to men, where the market remains dominated by a small number of global mass-market brands. This led to a deeply infused passion about creating the highest performing technical sportswear, available anywhere in the world and redefining the market for athletes who simply cannot settle for second best.

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We have been working with Castore since the early stages of their business and continue to do so to date. ‘SpinMe have helped us from the start. As a fast-growing brand our needs have been ever changing and often requests are last minute’ – Phil Beahon, Co-Founder of Castore.

Since working with us, Castore have seen a vast improvement on their click through conversions rates online. Partnering with us, they see clean, stylish and consistent imagery throughout their whole product ranges. Castore have an ethos that focuses on attention to detail and utilising the world’s best performance fabrics, therefore, they believe that it is important they can showcase this throughout their imagery. ‘SpinMe Imaging House have managed to do really well with fabric close ups and specific detail shots’- Castore.

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Castore use the imagery that we produce, across their entire website, social media, print media, and for digital marketing campaigns. Whilst the current styling approach has been a good fit for the brand, Castore are now venturing out into new markets beyond active wear. These markets will be covering more specific sports, such as Golf and Tennis, as well as developing their lifestyle range.

‘ Beyond the relationship, the shots are exceptional, and the simplistic styling aligns really well with our brand image’
— Phil Beahon, Co-Founder of Castore Sportswear