January is the month for fitness, which is the prime time for Sportswear Brands and Retailers.

Throughout January we have shared with you some of our favourite sportswear imagery created in the Imaging House studio. We would like to share how easy it is to create rich media for your business, sportswear or not, through different photography techniques.

When customers are shopping online, they only have the ability to view the product through images, so why not make them as interesting and interactive as you can? Enabling your customers to view the product as if it were in their hands, you can expect to see higher purchase rates and a reduction in returns rates.

One of the most popular techniques we can create here at SpinMe Imaging House is 360-degree spin imagery. 360-degree imagery provides consumers with a full, comprehensive view of the product, and it can be seen from every angle.  Every Customer wants a full representation of a product they are looking at purchasing, that’s why 360 imagery works exceptionally well by providing full visibility of each angle of the product.

Still Ecommerce imagery is designed to show off a product from different angles. From experience, we have found that providing customers with five angles is an effective number of images to showcase product.

Still imagery provides a well-rounded view of the product and gives the viewer the sense of already owning the product. Having different angle shots gives the buyer a better understanding of the product, enabling them to know what to expect when the product arrives.

Creative imagery is another amazing effective technique we specialise in. This type of imagery is great to inspire customers to purchase. Creative imagery not only showcases your products, but also develop a brands identity- attracting the targeted audience.

Our team produce creative imagery for campaigns, events, brochures and for retailers online presence

Overall, capturing exceptionally high quality, rich imagery for online retailing is a must have in any business.

Over the next few months, we will be sharing with you case studies from our clients, many of which are within the sportswear industry, where some have increased conversions rates by a huge 47%! Others have seen increased engagement with their brands, and a spike in cart to purchase conversions.