This interview blog will cover all about Millie’s general interests, work life, home life, previous employment and future prospects.

Have fun getting to know all about Millie below!


Name: Millie Smith

Company job role: Junior Photography/Retoucher

Where have you joined SpinMe Imaging House from? (Your past experience)

Before working at SpinMe I was working part-time in retail at my local Sainsburys, alongside studying Photography, Media, Art and English Literature at Sixth Form. I’ve always had a passion for all things creative; Photography being my favourite.

What attracted you to your job here at SpinMe when you started?

Originally, I was searching for a job that I would be able to have whilst studying at University. I had just applied to study Photography at UWE, but when I saw the advert for a Stock Assistant and Stylist at SpinMe, I had to make the decision to either work in the studio full time and get hands-on experience or go to university- in the end I felt that I would much rather have the experience of working in the studio and learning along the way.

How long have you been a Junior Photographer/Retoucher for?

I have been a retoucher for 2 years – in the first year at SpinMe I was a Stock Assistant and Stylist, doing the occasional bit of retouch. I really enjoyed doing post-production and was soon offered the role of being a retoucher.

What does your typical day look like? (All the way from breakfast through to relaxing after work)

My day starts with that dreaded alarm at 6am - I have about 6 alarms because I have a bad habit of turning them off and continuing to sleep! I then get ready for work and have a nice long scenic commute which helps me wake up and prepare for the day ahead.

Once I’ve arrived, I like to make a beverage and then crack on with the day. My day usually consists of retouching and then colour matching, so the products are ready for online use.

After work I like to either go for a run, meet up with friends, play with my two dogs (Smithy and Niah) or just relax.


What do you enjoy most about your job role?

I enjoy being able to work on such a variety of different things. One day I could be working on clothing, the next bike accessories or model shoots. We receive such a large range of products which makes every day slightly different.

What interests do you have? (Work based and non-work based)

One of my main interests at the moment is running - I enjoy being able to get outdoors, stretch my legs and just have a minute to myself. I like the challenge of improving my pace and distance. This year I will be completing my second half marathon in October and my main aim is to finish with a better time.

Your Top 3 podcasts/books/films?

I wouldn’t really say that I have a favourite film, podcast or book ; I haven’t read a book in a shocking amount of time and I don’t really listen to podcasts! But, if I had to pick three films I’ve seen recently that I enjoyed, I would probably choose-

·         A Quiet Place

·         Avengers- Endgame

·         Before I go to sleep

Did you always know that you wanted to be working in a photography studio?

The first job I ever wanted was to be an artist. I loved making things and drawing when I was younger. However, when I was roughly 8 years old, my dad started letting me use his camera and from that moment I just loved taking photos and experimenting with different creative ideas. I wouldn’t necessarily say I’ve always wanted to work in a Photography Studio, but I’ve definitely enjoyed the idea of working within the photographic industry for a long time.

How do your skills contribute to the SpinMe Imaging House team?

As a retoucher, I would say you have to be organised, good at time keeping and quite a perfectionist. By having these skills, I’m able to make sure the studio can meet deadlines and all work meets the clients brief and expectations. I would also say I’m quite a fast learner, which allowed me to learn how to use Photoshop quite quickly when I first joined SpinMe. I find that with Photoshop and Retouch there is always more to learn and different ways of doing things to speed up the process.