This interview blog will cover all about Ed’s general interests, work life, home life, previous employment and future prospects.

Have fun getting to know all about Edd below!

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Name: Edd Taylor

Company Role: Senior photographer

Where have you joined SpinMe Imaging House from?

To begin with, college, university – both working with photography. From then onward, I’ve worked in various studios over the last 6 years. Initially with the public, making pictures for families and generally whatever else I could get my hands on. Initially it helped just to get some years under my belt, establish a good understanding of what I can do for people, what’s expected of me and refine a better understanding of how I could move forward with my work what type of pictures I enjoyed making.  

What attracted you to your job here at SpinMe when you started?

Initially, a few things. First, I liked the idea of being able to offer an end to end service for brands and retailers, whereby we can exclusively take care of any imagery that’s required for them. I think that’s the best-case scenario service for a client and is great working with a team where we can facilitate that for people. Prior to this I was working in house for retailers producing only imagery for their brand so it was appealing to work on various jobs for different clients, all needing different things.Also, working with a software development team was totally new to me at the time, which was another part of the role that was appealing.

What does your typical day look like? (All the way from breakfast through to relaxing after work)

Generally, probably not very exciting, and the routine is pretty much the same, but that suits me. Once I’m out of bed, usually complain about how tired I am and the fact my back probably hurts; a few days a week, go for a run in the mornings now the weathers not so bad. Once ready for work, set the dogs up to run riot round the house with as little collateral damage as possible. Once in work, try to make sure everything’s on track with current jobs, make some pictures then head home to tidy up any damage I’ve tried my best to avoid earlier that morning. Evenings vary day to day, sometimes chill at home, sometimes catch up with friends, spend time on hobbies, whatever I can squeeze in.





What photography do you enjoy creating the best?

Really hard to say, I’ve got to make a lot of work for a lot of different clients over the years and it’s hard to pin point which I enjoy the most. I enjoy the variety. I think that really helps stay positive and enjoy all the aspects I work on. If I was working on any one type of photography every day, I think I’d get bored quite quick which I think can really affect the quality of work anyone makes, particularly in this job.

Is there any photography technique that you would want to get better at or learn more about?

Not directly photography, but more video work and CGI I’m very interested in. I think the role that’s going to play in the imaging market is only going to become more apparent as time moves forward.

How long have you been a professional photographer?

I graduated from my degree 6 years ago but that’s not to say you need to have a degree to be qualified to work with photography. Studying for a degree in photography can just inform you in a different way, and the tuition wasn’t necessarily even beneficial for what I’m doing now. Most people I’ve worked with haven’t been involved in photography in an academic sense.

Do you have a hobby? Tell us about it!

I’ve always had short lived interests in things that I obsess over until I can’t stand it anymore. The only hobby I ever really took a big interest in and really stuck with, was photography which eventually turned into a job. I feel privileged for things to have worked out in that sense as not everyone can be so lucky, that said, there can be times when I do feel like I want to take a break from it for a few days as I never really switch off from it. I’d bought a house a few years ago now which since then I’ve spent a lot of time on, but finally feel like that projects finished now. Over the last year I’ve developed a keen interest in rock climbing and bouldering. Right now I can’t climb as often as my body recovers from it. Hopefully it lasts.

 Your top 3 podcasts/books/films/series?

Never listened to a podcast Not read a book since I was kid, suddenly feel very ashamed of this.

Films –

1.       The Revenant

2.       Inception

3.       Seven

 Series –

1.       Breaking bad

2.       Game of thrones

3.       Line of Duty