We’ve dived deep into the stylists job role to see how they manage to organise many different products coming through the door daily.


1) Organisation is key - Check you have everything you are expecting

The very first thing that is done when products arrive into SpinMe Imaging House is to unpack the items and check them off from the shoot list she receives in advance from clients. If, for any reason, we discover that some products are not received, we send an automatic email to clients from the SpinMe Workflow Solutions software and resolve any issues quickly.

After this all the packaging and excess rubbish is taken out from the products. This is done with care as the packaging gets re-used to pack away, after they have been shot. We are all about recycling and ensuring our impact on the world is as minimal as possible.


2) Keep the original packaging - Not only is it useful, you’ll be helping the environment too!

Having unpacked the products, they will then be placed either on a rail or trolley, depending on what type of product it is. From this, the packaging will be laid down beside the products to remind the team, which products had what packaging and exactly what their product code and name is.

3) Divide your rail in section - Categorise items for full visibility

If it’s clothing the team are handling and they are using a rail to organise the products, the rail will be put into sections. These sections will be Men’s Women’s and Kids. Kids products will always be at the front, women’s in the middle and men’s products are last. This is so it is easier find what products they need and therefore will have a full visibility of how many products are in each category- helping everyone in the studio manage their workload effectively.

Generally, all the smaller items will be at the front e.g. the vest tops, t shirts, bib tights and then the larger ones towards the back e.g. coats, jackets etc. Again, this will be in gender order from front to back e.g. Kids, Ladies, Men’s.

4) Order the products by shoot list order - Making life easier for everyone!

We often experience high volumes of footwear- which is when our trolley sees a lot of action! Firstly, the shoes get organised by neatly removing the tags, which are then placed to the side and then replaced when packing the product away on completion. Finally, the products will then get lined up on the trolley in the same order they appear on the shoot list, ensuring the right shoe is on top of the shoe box for the photographers to shoot- as this is typically the dominant shoe clients want shot.

5) Steam clean, keep them pristine! Looking their best for online shop windows

One of the last things that happen, is before the clothing items get sent across to the photographers, they all need to be steamed. Every piece of clothing will get steamed to remove any creases and folds that have developed during the delivery. Delicate items will be steamed at a much lower setting or handled in a different way. When handling products such as watches, sunglasses and jewellery, the stylist will always wear protective gloves to ensure no oils or marks are left on the product before being photographed.


And secret tip number 6- Make sure it goes out how it came in! Our stylist repacks every product in its original packaging and neatly folds everything away ready for the products next stages, whether that’s being returned to a client’s warehouse or shop floor.