Premium Imagery Solutions.


SpinMe Imaging House produces high-quality digital content.

We specialise in 360 interactive spins, creative imagery, video, and animations.


Founded in 2004, SpinMe was born from a need for photographic efficiency.

Delivering very fast turnarounds and consistent imagery with each project.


The SpinMe software enables us to pre-set file names and templates, perfecting a workflow specific to every client's needs.

Using advanced technology, we can place your brand at the front of a crowded e-commerce marketplace.


By following your direction, your brief, or a creative collaboration as imaging partners, we will help you achieve your goals




                              Jessica Flavin                       Studio Operations Manager

                             Jessica Flavin

                    Studio Operations Manager

                            Edward Taylor                          Senior Photographer

                           Edward Taylor

                       Senior Photographer

                             Millie Smith                                Retoucher

                            Millie Smith


                           Sydney Tarrant                             Photographer

                          Sydney Tarrant


                           Zoe Llewellyn                    Sales & Marketing Executive

                          Zoe Llewellyn

                 Sales & Marketing Executive

                        Chloe Macdonald                 Stylist & Warehouse Co-ordinator

                       Chloe Macdonald

              Stylist & Warehouse Co-ordinator

                           Sarah Bellamy                        Account Administrator

                          Sarah Bellamy

                     Account Administrator

                             Jodie Lee                   Sales & Marketing Apprentice

                            Jodie Lee

                Sales & Marketing Apprentice

                           Matthew Webb                           Technical Support

                          Matthew Webb

                        Technical Support